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Catalogue Raisonné

The Richard Hunt Legacy Foundation is currently accepting submissions for the Richard Hunt Catalogue Raisonné, a project dedicated to capturing the breadth of Richard Hunt's 70-year career as an artist and sculptor of studio and public works.

Please complete the form below to submit a piece for consideration in the

Richard Hunt Catalogue Raisonné.




The Richard Hunt Legacy Foundation invites owners of Richard Hunt sculptures and two dimensional works to submit their artworks for consideration in the Richard Hunt Catalogue Raisonné.


Please complete a separate form for each artwork submission, along with clear high-resolution photo(s) of the artwork, including the artist's signature, if visible. Photographs of and writings by the artist are also invited.

Please include information and documentation on how the piece was acquired, along with additional provenance, exhibition, and publication history, if known, about the piece.




All materials submitted become property of the Richard Hunt Legacy Foundation. Confidentiality and requests for anonymity will be honored for all submissions.


The Foundation includes works in the catalog raisonné at its sole discretion. Submission of artworks through this website or other channels does not guarantee inclusion in the Richard Hunt Catalogue Raisonné. In addition, the Richard Hunt Legacy Foundation does not authenticate or provide valuations of Richard Hunt artworks.


Thank you for your submission, and please feel free to contact us with any questions at

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Thanks for submitting!

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